Galería fotográfica y musical 8: Faulkner

Lucía Rodríguez:

While sitting next to me, Karina started rubbing her knees, and this reminded me of the obsessive behaviour Anse Bundren displays when he is forced to choose between her children being with their mother in her deathbed and three dollars, in the first chapters of As I Lay Dying; Darl, as a narrator, notices: “‘It’s fixing up to rain,’ pa says. ‘I am a luckless man. I have ever been.’ He rubs his hands on his knees.” (12)

la foto-9

Alethia Ochoa:

The arid land of this cemetery in Oaxaca could portray the
inhospitable southern place in Jefferson where the Bundrens buried


Karina Lamas:

This picture that was taken by my sister made me remember about Vardaman Bundren’s famous and puzzling quote “My mother is a fish.” Although this quote probably means “Addie’s decorporealization into metaphor, memory, and print” (Pease 87) for me it represents how inapprehensible is Addie’s dead for little Vardaman.

As I Lay Dying

Etzel Hinojosa:

Last weekend, there was an exhibition of antique cars in CU. I found this little model of Herman Munster’s car, a character of the black and white show called The Munsters. I could not stop thinking about all the trouble the characters of As I Lay Daying could have avoided if they put Addie in one of this motorized coffins.

Foto 01-06-13 11 58 21 a.m.

Valeria Becerril:

The song is “Not my cross to bear” by the Allman Brothers, which I think goes nicely with the theme of As I lay Dying.

Eréndira Díaz:

The dryness in Faulkner’s “As I Lay Dying” is the most vivid sensation I have from having read that novel. The day I took that picture, I was actually on a bus and it had been a long trip. The air conditioning had been on all night and I was freezing, but then the sunlight and the feeling of warmth awoke me. The same sun that haunts the Bundren family and causes them to be as dry and arid triggered in me relief.




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