Galería fotográfica y musical 7: Kingston, Millay, cummings

Etzel Hinojosa:

Although the picture of the advertisement is incomplete, we know it is the picture of a woman. I find interesting how our brain is able to fill the empty gaps in order to complete the feminine image. This photo made me remember The Woman Warrior because one of the struggles of the narrator is her problem to find a middle point between the American and the Chinese image of a woman. In other words, she wants to find a way in which the two images, as in the advertisement, can be combined to create a third one.

la foto-7

Lucía Rodríguez:

The bird seems to be of great importance in The Woman Warrior as it is the animal that the warrior woman follows in order to meet her fate. Also, in another part of the novel, the narrator emphasizes the idea that the birds trick her family (51), rather confusingly. Additionally, it is a sign of good omen when her father leaves the village, “There was a sea bird painted on the ship to protect it against shipwreck and winds” (61).


Montserrat Ochoa:

Reading in the memoir how the sons and daughters of Chinese emigrants try to assimilate the American society in which they have born, and especially when the girls in junior high try to stick their eyelids to look less Asian, made me thought of the Asian inferiority complex and which were the roots of it. As we can read in the memoir, Chinese society has a lot of responsibility for these events, the more they try to enclose their community the more they expose it to be like “the other.” This image shows a product that serves to glue the eyelids so eyes look more Western. Normally people blame “the other” for imposing stereotypes, but in this reading I realize how much blame has to be placed in the entity that does not accept its qualities and follows the rules of “the other.”


Karina Lamas Evangelista:

This lucky Chinese cat and this Chinese take-away menu made me think of the trivialization of an ancient culture as well as how the stereotypes affect  the self-aprehension of the narrator as a first generation Chinese descendant.


Alethia Ochoa:

As we know one of the main themes in cummings’ poetry is spring. In
this photo I am sitting in a garden with flowers and reminds me one of
my favourite cummings’ poems:

everywhere’s here
(with a low high low
and the bird on the bough)
—we never we know
(so kiss me)shy sweet eagerly my
most dear

the new is the true
and to lose is to have
—we never we know—
(the earth and the sky
are one today)my very so gay
young love

we never we know
(with a high low high
in the may in the spring)
(forever is now)
and dance you suddenly blossoming tree
—i’ll sing


Valeria Becerril:

As in Karina’s photo here we can see the trivalization of the oriental culture in order for it to fit with the occidental one.

Eréndira Díaz:

e.e. cummings got his name  because of a printing mistake. I doubt Frost would have decided to rename himself. This book is at Biblioteca Central.




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