Galería fotográfica y musical 5: Mark Twain

Karina Lamas Evangelista:

Lucía Rodríguez:

While reading Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, this rhythm came to my mind.

Etzel Hinojosa:

One weekend I was visiting one of my mother’s friend and I saw this in the livingroom. I think these objects esely represent the common image that we have of Huck, although the whisky at the back is more related to Huck’s father

Foto 02-06-13 09 41 26 p.m.

Valeria Becerril:

For Huckleberry Finn it was clear that I needed a song by Creedence. The difficult part was choosing just one, while “Green River” might have worked it deals more with nostalgia and Huck´s journey is the search for freedom which I think “Proud Mary” symbolizes perfectly.

Eréndira Díaz:

I took this photo last year, a couple of days before my birthday as I was coming back from a trip. I was passing by this section of the highway which has always been surrounded by a really big lake. A long time ago, most of my family used to live very close to that lake and I remember I was always afraid that the car might fall into the water. And having gone through that highway for years, every time Huck reminds us that he is following the river, makes me remember myself close to this lake. (When I took the photo, after all the years of having memorized that highway and having never fallen into the water, I was still afraid of drowning, yet I couldn’t stop looking into the sun’s reflection on it). Maybe Huck would have feel as dangerously hypnotized by the river as I was by the lake.



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